Tomates Time Management
for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac

Focus on your productivity to achieve your tasks and reach your goal with our tool.

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Atento — Avoid Distractions @ Work

How It Works?

While Tomates is running a little script runs on the background checking the apps and websites you interact.


Define your own apps and websites as Time Thieves in a fast, simple and easy way.

Browsers Support

Atento works with Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Chrome and Chrome Canary

Tomates Time Management Workweek Activity Report

Atento - Activity View


Print & PDF & Share

Print your reports, save as PDF and send it by email or simply share them by Twitter or Facebook.

Time based charts

Now Tomates has predefined time based periods. We talk about Today, Workweek, Week, Month and Custom period report.

Tasks has reports

And what's about tasks? You can obtain whole task activity. How? Search by task name in the search text field. Simply.

Tomates Time Management Workweek Activity Report

Workweek report

Tomates Time Management helps you... improve your productivity using one of the most effective management method in personal or pair working environments.


Tomates Time Management main screen

Application Main Screen

Tomates Time Management preferences screen

Preferences Panel

Tomates Time Management reports screen

Activity Reports

Some Features included @ Tomates

  • Touch Bar support on new MacBook Pro
  • Customize task time
  • Play a sound or not when a break or task finish
  • The task timer can be paused/resumed/reseted
  • Session and Goal counters can be reseted
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Beautiful graphs to check progress in a blink of an eye
  • Customize short and long break time
  • Set how many tasks conforms a Serie

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